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iPhone XS and XS Max

You already know it- the iPhone X Series is a class above the rest. From the iPhone XS to the iPhone XS Max, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice if you’re looking for state-of-the art innovation that fits right in your hand.

 Featuring a Super Retina and custom OLED panels, the XS and XS Max both house a brilliant display with bright colors and color accuracy like never before. If that wasn’t enough, you can securely unlock your iPhone with the advanced feature of Face ID and even make payments and log into accounts.

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What are the features of the Apple Watch 5?

Let’s start with the display. The Apple Watch 5 sports an always-on retina display so it just is a little dimmer when it’s not in use and you get a glance of your most used apps, the time, the weather and the battery life of your Apple Watch 5. You can also fully customize the colour, material and type of case in the Apple Watch Studio. The materials you can choose from are aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel or ceramic – according to your personal taste and requirement. Since the heart monitor was a huge win for the previous model, this watch also keeps an eye on your heart health through the ECG App. This isn’t the only feature that looks after your wellbeing. It also includes the new Noise app that tells you when the decibels around you are too high so you can exit your surroundings. For women, it also tracks your menstrual cycle with the new Cycle Tracking app so you are always prepared and more aware of what’s happening in your body during the month. Features like advanced workout metrics, GPS and water resistance up to 50 meters, it is made to be your fitness buddy. Furthermore, it also consists of Activity rings that encourage you to move around more and exercise every day. You can also listen to your music library, podcasts and audiobooks too through this versatile watch. It also has the Apple Pay app so you can clear your payments instantly and securely. You are also guided by Siri to can complete your google searches and you can even Shazam songs!

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