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China Eastern Airlines , largest airline in Shanghai, drew one of her Airbus A330-300s in Shanghai Disneyland coloring book


The location of scouting in Pudong started in 1999 year with Bob Iger . The park was first foreseen at the beginning 2000 – x years, and negotiations at Shanghai Disneyland began around 2001 g. However, in order to, to help Hong Kong Disneyland grow, Chinese national government deliberately slowed down the development of Shanghai Disney. Hong Kong Resort opened in 2005 year, two years after , how the SARS epidemic devastated Hong Kong's economy, and there was hope , that Hong Kong Disneyland will help the city's tourism industry recover.

4 November 2009 of the year in Shanghai, the municipal government announced , that the Shanghai Disney project was approved by the national government , estimated , total investment CN ¥ 24,400,000,000. The plot near the proposed production site has risen sharply in value after , as announced. In January 2011 the government officially confirmed , that Shanghai Disneyland will be in 2-3 times the size of Hong Kong Disneyland and will eventually contain three theme parks.


FROM 7 April 2011 of the year, pioneering started at the Shanghai Disneyland location.

The main construction work began in 8 April 2011 of the year, targeting opening in 2016 springs. The resort was planned to cover an area of 4 km 2 (1,5 square miles) , and expected, cost CN ¥ 25000000000 ( US $ 3660 million). The project is funded by several large Chinese state-owned enterprises in Shanghai, who have formed a joint venture with the Walt Disney Company. “The first phase of the project will be south of Huanglou District, square in Chuan-she city, south – east suburb of Pudong district of Shanghai, and the second phase will expand further south – west,"City developer said , from Shanghai. DeSimone Consulting Engineers were engineers – for construction work.

FROM 27 February 2014 of the year PepsiCo announced a strategic partnership with the resort, making Shanghai Resort the first Disney property in 25 years , to sell Pepsi products , not Coca-Cola products.

FROM 28 April 2014 of the year, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced an emergency $ USA 800000000 investments , to add extra rides and attractions on opening day, resulting in the total US budget $ 5500000000.

In February 2016 of the year, there were rumors about , that the resort was still behind schedule , and was on budget, resulting in the United States , based resorts ( Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort ) , to make budget cuts. In the same month, Disney announced , that Hong Kong Disneyland Resort reported the first loss in four years, HK losses $ 148,000,000, and the fall of 9,3% in the annual line of duty, to 6,8 million visitors. Analysts attribute this to fewer mainland Chinese tourists to visit, hurt by the combination of China's slowdown, political instability and a weak yuan against the dollar in Hong Kong, as well as the upcoming opening of the Shanghai Resort.

Total, more 100000 workers built the first phase of the resort within 5 years. Object included 72000 metric tons of structural steel and 130 kilometers (81 miles) usefulness of pipelines . The final price tag was 5500000000 $ USA.


Shanghai Disneyland officially opened at noon 16 June 2016 year "colorful opening ceremony" featured speech, fireworks, and "mostly slender crowds" , despite the rain. One of the dreamers, vice – Premier Wang Yang , joked , that wet weather predicted good luck at the resort , because it represents "rain of US dollars and RMB".

Opening hours and features of the Disneyland walk in China

Disneyland operates daily from 10.00 to 20.00. You can get to the desired place by subway from Hong Kong, and in a couple of minutes you are already walking in an amazing park, by the way, don't forget to bring hats and sunglasses, because there are many places in the park that are not protected from the sun.

Once in the magical world of Disneyland in China, any adult feels like a child. In this wonderful world, the border between the magic of a fairy tale and reality is erased, and a world of joy and smiles reigns, and what else does a modern tourist need for more pleasure, only magic.

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Disneyland fairytale kingdom in China

The world of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, Winnie the pooh, and many other fairy-tale characters, opens the gate to a fairy tale for you. Plunge into the fountains of adventure, close your eyes and fantasize, or just enjoy a walk in the sunny park and enjoy the special effects of the local flavor.

Disneyland in China

Compared to the original, and with other projects of the Disney Corporation, Disneyland in China is recognized as the smallest. The park for walking is quite small, but very cozy, there are many scenic spots and photo zones for photographing. Walking, you can see many cartoon characters and spend a few minutes with them. In the evening you can witness stunning Disney fireworks, which are accompanied by music, and looks like a bright show, from which neither children can take their eyes off, neither adults.

As for entertainment, then of the attractions there is only one roller coaster in the spirit of flying into space.

For better orientation on the terrain, in front of the entrance to Disneyland Park in China, take a card, where the schedule of events is also indicated.

And for that, to save time, take passes, in the form of coupons for all zones at once, and rest your health.

And if suddenly you, impressed by beauty and magic, decide to stay for a while, then this is not a problem. On the territory there are two beautiful hotels and many shops and restaurants, who will treat you with delicious themed food in Chinese traditions.

Attractions and features

Shanghai Disneyland Park

Like most other Disneylands around the world, Shanghai Disneyland Resort has a flagship park called Shanghai Disneyland Park . The park is very similar to other Disneyland-style parks, containing traditional and newly created thematic lands. One of the park's missions is to combine Disney stories and characters with attractions, specially designed for Chinese guests. An interactive castle called Enchanted Storybook Castle is in the center of the park. Other major performance centers are across the park.


The resort consists of two themed hotels. Shanghai Disneyland Hotel has 420 rooms and offer a free water taxi service via Wishing Star Lake to the theme park. Toy Story Hotel , 800 rooms, feature Sunnyside кафе , which is decorated with Chinese style snakes flying Disney characters.

Thematic zones

Park, whose territory is 3 times the area of ​​the Hong Kong complex, differs from entertainment centers in Tokyo or California in theme, based on footage from Pirates of the Caribbean. On the square, exceeding 16 thousand. quarter. m, located attractions, the main one is dedicated to the fight for a sunken treasure, where guests meet Captain Jack.

Disneyland Shanghai was divided into 7 thematic zones, but another one in 3D should open in 2019 year. Kids are not allowed on many slides and carousels. Chip and Dale are waiting at the entrance., Donald Duck, joyfully meets the famous mouse. Mickey Avenue sells souvenirs at the shop, get to know Walt Disney himself, depicted on the Storytellers Statue.

Adventure island

In the area with rocks, a rapid mountain river, with unapproachable paths, guests enter an unknown world, overcome dangerous obstacles on their way. Adventure Island offers adventure:

  1. In the rope park, from where they go along the trails for ancient relics.
  2. On a water attraction and in the jungle, where the Lion King meets them.
  3. In flight, in which real miracles will appear.
  4. On an amazing rafting adventure.

The most daring guests can go through everything. After all, they will not be afraid of a ferocious snake and will meet real friends.

Fantasy Land

Spacious area created based on famous Disney cartoons. Even small children are allowed on the colorful rides, who happily travel on the "Seven Dwarfs" train, go to the "Crystal Grotto" through the "Alice's Labyrinth", find their way to "Wonderland", fly with Peter Pan.

Gardens of the Imagination

On the square, which occupies several hectares, parades and colorful shows are organized. Animals from the eastern horoscope in the form of Walt Disney characters greet guests in Chinese gardens. Love the kids at Mickey Mouse Tent, older children are attracted by the "Universe of superheroes".

Country of the Future

There are attractions in the Tommowland zone, based on the fantastic pictures "Star Wars, "Throne". Instead of climbing a cosmic peak, a roller coaster awaits guests. Visitors are invited to take part in the battle, to save the planet, take a flight to unknown worlds.

Treasure cove

The most daring guests get the opportunity to go with Jack Sparrow in search of the treasure. On the way they will meet the corsairs, with beautiful mermaids, meet sea monsters.

Children and adults will visit the pirates, traveling by boat, will be able to observe, how Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow fight, trying to get to the treasure, sunken in the bay.

What to expect - Shanghai Disneyland attractions

This amusement park is visited annually by about 10 million people! Such popularity is associated with good service and a large selection of recreation areas. for instance, in recent years in Shanghai Disneyland in 3D format organized a recreation area "Zootopia".

Besides, there is:

  • Treasure Island.
  • Adventure Bay.
  • Toy Story Territory.
  • Fantasy land.
  • Many photos of locations and more.

Most of the local attractions are aimed at young children, however, among them there are quite extreme, that is those, which even adults will like.

Consider the popular recreation areas in this park and their attractions.

Gardens of imagination

Very colorful area. Its area is almost 5 ha. People come here not only for that, to ride a swing, but also for aesthetic pleasure. Local attractions:

  1. Carousel "Fantasy".
  2. Mickey Mouse room.
  3. Flying elephant.
  4. Marvel Team Adventures, etc.

Families with small children are recommended to visit the "Gardens of the Imaginations".

Adventure island

Well, this area of ​​Disneyland is visited mainly by adults.. There is 4 enough extreme attractions, the best of which is water.

On a boat trip on Adventure Island, vacationers can watch the bright characters of Disney cartoons. And in this recreation area there is an opportunity to swim on a raft.. He will go on an amazing adventure and even swim into a dark cave. Vacationers, who will choose this type of vacation, will significantly tickle your nerves, after all, floating on the raft, they will have to overtake the wild ferocious beast.

There is also a rope park on Adventure Island.! Vacationers, who will go to it, will be able to take an extreme walk through the scenic area of ​​Shanghai. Well, the last attraction, offered here is an educational flight. Resting, who chose it, can not only get adrenaline, but also learn a lot of interesting things about the wonders of the world.

Country of the future

One of the favorite areas of Disneyland adults. In the Land of the Future, all attractions are extreme. There is even a famous roller coaster here! Also among vacationers, who went here, there is an opportunity to make a futuristic flight.

Fantasy land

This area is a paradise for Disney fans. A truly fabulous atmosphere reigns here, around - many tall bright statues and fabulous creatures. Mostly families with small children come here, but teenagers and single adults will find it boring.

There is a huge fairytale castle in Fantasyland, whose height exceeds 55 m. Children are allowed to enter it, but only when accompanied by an adult. This location of the park even has a Winnie the Pooh attraction. In general, there are a lot of interesting ways to have fun with children..

Treasure cove

Lovely themed place, The pearl of Shanghai Disneyland. The most popular attraction here is magnetic boards. They should be climbed, to ride. During such a ride, the vacationer will be able to watch the legendary battle of Davey Jonka, thunderstorms of the Caribbean, and Jack Sparrow, illustrious pirate.

Shipbuilding enthusiasts should definitely visit the local playground, organized for shipwreck. She is right on the Borg of a huge ship. But that is not all! In the "Bay of Treasures", vacationers are offered a canoe trip along the river.

History of toys

This recreation area at Shanghai Disneyland recently opened. It is dedicated to the famous Toy Story franchise. Coming here, parents can ride their children on a fun swing, make vivid photos with different characters of the franchise, buy many interesting souvenirs in local shops and eat delicious food in a restaurant.

Disneyland on Shanghai map

Disneyland Shanghai - how we strategized to visit.

Do you know this feeling, when “butterflies fly in the stomach with anticipation”? I felt something similar too, when I saw, that Disneyland appeared in Shanghai. On the first day after arrival, we decided, that it's time to enjoy the beautiful and get to know your child self. First, we laid out a route in the metro from the center, where did you stay at the hotel, to Disney station (burgundy branch, Line 11). The metro ride took about 1,5 hours. From the metro to the park on foot in minutes 5 along convenient pedestrian paths

It is very important to go to the opening of the park, otherwise you risk standing in line until 3 hours. We went to 7.20 in the morning and upon arrival were saddened by a huge queue, but due to the large number of open ticket offices, they were only for about an hour

The photo below shows the line directly to the entrance to the park.

Disneyland queue.

Disneyland entrance.

These are separate queues, where you get a map of the park, schedule of events and check, so that you do not carry food and water with you. My husband and I were in this amusement park for the first time and did not know much. Only at the end of the day did we highlight important features, which we will definitely take into account next time:

Buy water only 1 time (better on the central alley, there are many hawkers with water) – 1 or 2 small bottles. On the way, you will constantly come across fountains with water, where you can get water for free, having defended a small queue. The water has been tested by us - we have not received any poisoning)
Start walking around the park counterclockwise - you will have time to see more, since everyone immediately runs to the left to the main attraction "TRON". It is better to visit it closer to closing, when the queues are minimal.

Download the Disneyland Shanghai app in the Play Market. You will be able to see online the congestion of attractions
note, that you cannot connect to Wi-Fi, ie. the traffic of your mobile Internet will be spent
maybe, there are some tricks, how to cheat authorization and prove, that you are a resident of China, but we didn't succeed.
It is better to take places to watch the parade for 30 minutes before start. The plots near the main alley were always the most vacant., near the entrance.

If you visit the park in June-September, then take an umbrella with you, hat and removable T-shirt. Heat more 30 degrees, practically without shadow, maddening. Rain does not save. Several times with us people fainted. Heat more +30. Everybody takes shelter in the shadow of an umbrella.

Want to visit all the theatrical performances in the park? Choose places in the center and closer to the stage, otherwise it will be hard to see, and the further you sit, the more people in front of you will chomp (Unfortunately, the Chinese are not even stopped by the direct ban on food in the hall). And get ready for that, that all performances are in Chinese. Representation “Cold heart”.

Want to eat cheaper? There is a "dining room" on the central alley, where set meals are sold. We ordered chicken + rice + lemonade + cake - 2 portions. Unfortunately, I don't remember how much it cost us, but much cheaper, than two sandwiches, bought in the center of the park (Pirates Diner).
Ice cream, on the contrary, is cheaper to the center of the park. Can be found as usual, and in the form of Mickey ears or Donald Duck's hat.
Most of the rides have special boxes for your belongings., to unload you as much as possible for boarding a train or horse. Get ready for that, that they are open. Closed boxes only on the TRON attraction.
When visiting the Tron attraction, do not be afraid to take with you any small change or smartphone. Motorcycles have a special compartment, where can I put everything. Although we were scared and we still put things in a lockable box.
The main show at the castle attracts a huge number of people. Want to see normally? Take places for 30 minutes before start, otherwise you risk missing everything. Like us))

There are many toilets and almost all are underground. There are few toilets, mostly just a hole in the floor, surrounded by a cafe. Consider this, if a small child decides to go himself, without your help.
Disneyland Main Event – fireworks near the castle. Places are taken for 1-1,5 hours before the show

Want to see everything and take super pictures? Borrow in advance) Didn't have time to take normal places(

And the most important: do not try to run the entire park for 1 day. We had 10 hours and we only visited half of the park.

On another day we visited “Chinese version” Disneyland – Valley of happiness.

And what about without the Bund)


a true journey into childhood, very beautiful.


long lines.

Angelochekneta recommends

The creation of Disneyland in China

It should be noted, what during construction, Disneyland Corporation has mixed analogue with Chinese culture. Park towards, leads to the sea, there is a mountain to the left of it, which, in shape, resembles a dragon, and the hills on the right, resembling white tigers. The opening date was not chosen by chance, after all 12 September is considered an auspicious day for start and beginnings.

Disneyland in China (Hong Kong)

In short, the creators did a great job, creating the concept of Disneyland in China. It consists of four thematic parts:

  • main street of the USA;
  • fantasy world;
  • adventure World;
  • world of the future.

Let's take a closer look at each of them., eg, the main street of the USA is made in the style of the Wild West, the streets are filled with vintage cars, openwork frescoes and rich villas.

In a fantasy world, you will meet your favorite cartoon characters. maybe, also visit the huge 3D cinema.

An unforgettable world of adventure: lives Tarzan on a mighty tree, under which the river flows, and on it you can make a trip on water. And on the way you can, meet hippos and labyrinth caves.

In the world of the future, you can, go go-karting and try roller coasters, which are not only breathtaking.

Shanghai Tour, Disneyland!». Air - direct flight from Vladivostok

Tour duration: 5 days / 4 night

Departure every Monday on a direct flight to Shanghai from Vladivostok!

Shanghai tour program

1 day


Departure from Vladivostok to Shanghai on a direct flight to 00:20. IN 01:40 arrival in Shanghai. Meeting with a Russian-speaking translator at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation 3* Rayfont Shanghai Xuhui Hotel in a standard double room (with two beds).Breakfast in the hotel.Excursion program: Jinmao skyscraper (Jinmao) (visit at will at own expense), the skyscraper is in the Pudong area, and has 88 floors. Shanghai SWFC World Financial Center (SHANGHAI World Financial Center) (visit at will at own expense). TV Tower "Pearl of the East"(entrance ticket included). In the TV tower there is Shanghai History Museum. The TV Tower offers a breathtaking view of the city and the Huangpu River. People's Square. One of the main attractions of the People's Square is Shanghai Museum (visit at will at own expense). Shanghai art museum (visit at will at own expense). Another striking structure, towering over the People's Square, is a luxury hotel Marriott Executive Apartments Tomorrow Square, famous for its grandiose panoramic views. The building perfectly complements the area The Bolshoi Theater and exhibition hall of urban planning (visit at will at own expense). Here is also People's Park. Moreover, from here begins the main trade artery of the city - Nanjing street. Tourist tunnel under the river (entrance ticket included). Bund Bund.

Return to hotel.

Evening program on request at your own expense: Shanghai circus (it is necessary to order tickets in advance).

2 деньВт. Breakfast at the hotel., at extra charge, visit to the newest Disneyland - Shanghai Disney Resort (cost 499 yuan from 1 an adult, 375 yuan per child)The grand opening of the park is scheduled for June 16, 2016. Before 30.06.2016 Disneyland, largest in mainland China, will delight all its guests with a fantastic opening program! Shanghai Disney Resort truly impressive in its size, its territory is about 40 hectares!The latest rides are designed for guests of all ages!

Return to hotel.

3 dayWed. Breakfast at the hotel., at extra charge, visit to the newest Disneyland - Shanghai Disney Resort (cost 499 yuan from 1 an adult, 375 yuan per child)
4 dayThu. Breakfast at the hotel, excursion program: Yuyuan Garden of Joy. Visit to the Temple of the Jade Buddha. Huaihai Street. Walk along the pedestrian street Nanking Road. Russian consulate building. Return to hotel.Room surrender before 18:00.Optional, room extension before departure - surcharge 30$ a number
5 деньПт. Airport transfer.IN 02:40 departure to Vladivostok. Arrival at 07:40.

Attention! Disneyland ticket prices 370 yuan from 1 an adult, 280 yuan per child!

Tour cost to Shanghai on 1 person in USD *

* payment is accepted in rubles at the exchange rate

Number of people.

1/2 DBL

SGL Extra bed child without a seat

The price is valid for the period

2 people






4 people





6 people





Included in cost:

- Meeting and seeing off with a Russian-speaking guide;

- Accommodation with breakfast according to the program;

- Entrance fees for excursions according to the program;

- Transfers and excursions with a Russian-speaking guide according to the program.

Additionally paid:

- Air flight Vladivostok-Shanghai-Vladivostok, you can find air tickets on-line here

- Travel medical insurance

- Tourist visa to China

Interesting Facts

Long negotiations with Walt Disney ended only in 2010 year. The company agreed, jointly with a Chinese contractor, start construction of Disneyland in Shanghai. The opening of entertainment was scheduled for 2015. However, the completion date had to be postponed to June. 2016 of the year. In the construction of the complex 5,5 billion, although the investment was planned at 3,75.

Built in China, but only 30 % Disneyland's assets in Shanghai belong to the authorities of a thriving metropolis, and the rest - to an international corporation. It was involved in the construction of the entertainment complex 100 thousands of people from many countries, participated in the development of the project 700 architects and designers.

Territory, what is 40 it, decorates 2 one million shrub plants over a hundred species. Before the completion of construction, 12 thousands of palms and other tropical trees. Shanghai Disneyland's huge plaza hosts:

  • 2 hotels for tourists;
  • shopping and entertainment center with restaurants;
  • picturesque park with fountains.

One hotel consists of 420 rooms, in another them in 2 times more.

At the opening ceremony, where did you come 3 thousand. guests, played by the famous pianist from China - Lan Lan, composer Tan Dun attended. Tickets for the celebration sold out in less than half an hour.

Souvenirs, which depicts the characters of Disneyland in Shanghai, sold out instantly. Income, which brings the amusement park to the largest metropolis, only slightly less 1 percent of the city's total gross product.

Disneyland Shanghai serves 10 thousands of people. A month and a half after its opening, it was visited by a million guests. The roles of the main characters went to actors from different countries.

Particularly attractive for children and adults The enchanted castle with pointed towers.

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