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Beach Pontal de Marakaype

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Pontal de Marakajpe – beautiful beach with extraordinary atmosphere.

Beach Pontal de Marakaype is close to the central beach of Porto de Galinyash. Geographically, this beach is located in a place, where the river meets the sea, which led to the formation of the wide, sandy island, washed by the warm waters. On the side of the island, overlooking the sea, formed natural pools, as well as the central beach of Porto de Galinyash.

Between the river and the sea, is found many species of crabs. One type, typical for this area – “siris” – It has a flat body and a much longer, than normal crabs, legs.

Beach Pontal de Marakaype popular among water sports enthusiasts, especially surfing, as well as the nearby beach – Marakaype, where the surfing world championships are held regularly.

Also, because of its unusual location Beach Pontal de Marakaype – terrific location, to watch the sunset. Here you can see, as the sun disappears behind the river, and sometimes even a few minutes after sunset over the sea moon appears.


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Very many people know about this beach is not a geography lesson, and not from its own tourist experience, and thanks to the popular jazz songs of bossa nova “The Girl from Ipanema” (“Girl from Ipanema”). its authors, Antonio Carlos Jobim and de Moraes Vinitsius, Beach made it no less famous, Cem Copacabana. Interesting, which is translated from the language of the Tupi this place name is translated as "bad, dangerous waters ". In fact, waves quite aggressive in this area, so the beach, uniquely, worth visiting surfers, but be careful so, who went here just to swim.


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Пляж Boa Viagem

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Good trip – it is one of the largest and most visited beaches in northeastern Brazil. The beach is located in the city of Recife, Staten Pernambuco, and enjoys great popularity among tourists.

Boa Viagem beach is really huge – it is a wide strip of sand longer than eight kilometers. From the sea beach is reliably protected reefs, so the local waters are very calm – there is neither strong waves, no dangerous currents. Swimming and sunbathing here is a pleasure. Besides Boa Viagem has a reputation as one of the cleanest beaches in Brazil – its territory is strictly forbidden to litter and picnics, and all the fast food places, along with numerous bars and restaurants, placed outside recreational areas.

Generally, Boa Viagem beach is a great place for a family holiday – clean sand and calm, warm sea are ideal for children and their parents. Also the beach is very large and is never overwhelmed.

Is there a Brazilian nudist beaches

Brazil - a country, about which beauty can talk endlessly. Hot nature and location of the Brazilian equatorial area a wonderful place for nudism. If not for the influence of the Catholic, State would be the most nudist country in the world.

Video - Brazilian Girls on the beach in Rioe

In fact, Brazilian beaches are filled so full naked bodies, because most of the tourists and sunbathers wear swimsuits, who can barely recognize the bathing suit - a few threads of little to hide on the body. Despite such a glaring fact with swimsuits nudist beaches of Brazil to find can only with great difficulty.

We name the most famous of them: Pinho beach, Balneario Camboriu, Tambaba beach, beach Olyu di Fight, Bach Seca beach, Masarandupio, beach Abryko. Most of these beaches are favorite places for tourists from Europe, Argentina and Uruguay. These beaches bring a large income in Brazil, because here all seek to nudists from around the world. These beaches of Brazil are a haven for nudists. Especially from December to February is crowded. If you want to quiet the situation come to nudist beaches of Brazil in November or March. This is the most quiet month for beach holidays among nudists.

Beach Pynho for naturistov

This is the first beach, which appeared in Brazil for nudists. Moreover, it is the fifth largest in the world account, which was created for nudists. According to some sources, the nudist beach began its work with 1984 of the year. According to other sources - to 1987 of the year. Probably, Pinho as a nudist beach existed before 1984 of the year, but it was known in 1984 year. A legal status acquired already in 1987 year. In most countries, nudist beaches are unlawful and illegal. In this respect, Brazil has achieved great success, all nudist beaches in Braziliideystvuyut perfectly legal and do not violate any law of the state. This is a rather important point.

Pinho on the beach beautiful enough environment. Golden sand gives a special attraction all stop beach. On this beach has a law: dress or undress - you decide, but negatively Brazilian population this will always treat, Such is the foundations and traditions of society. There a numerous number of bars and hotels, ie tourist vacation put on a grand scale and the tourist infrastructure is well developed enough here. In theory. Nudists are no different from the usual holiday travelers, so the situation is created for them, meets high tourism standards.

Wild beach Tamamba

Tambaba Beach is a great place, thanks to its beautiful terrain - mountains and forests. Known as a nudist beach place it was in 1989 year, when a few friends decided to swim naked. This has been seen in public. It also has everything you need for a relaxing break - hotels, bars, cafes, etc..Beach Olyu de Boi was recognized at the beginning of the nudist 1990 - ies. It is small in size, but beautiful enough.

Beach Abric as a nudist was found only in 2003 year. This is due to the length of the proceedings concerning this issue.

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