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celebration tradition

Preparations for the celebration dates back to the end of November, when the streets are decorated with garlands and other festive installations, and shop windows are filled with the Christmas and New Year's attributes. On the houses and balconies appear flashlights and local figures of Santa Claus, which is called Agios Vasilis (ie. Holy Basil). Many figures fabricated and installed so as, that driving through the streets of cities, you can watch as Santa Claus supposedly "climb" on the houses balcony, slowly deliver the long-awaited gifts kids. such moments, undoubtedly, cause a smile and memories from childhood about waiting for the main holiday of the year. Among the attributes of celebration stand out not only ate, almost all artificial, but also burgeoning Christmas plant called poinsettia, also called Bethlehem or Christmas star. Directly to the New Year holidays stretch from 23rd December to 6 January. Christmas is perceived mainly, as a religious festival, and therefore necessarily go to church on Christmas Eve. After the service, sit at the table with the traditional holiday dishes - fish or meat meze, Suvli, roast lamb and pork sausages, chicken or turkey. Desserts are presented cakes with nuts, honey and powdered sugar. Among beverages dominated compote and homemade alcohol. Children go from house to house with bells, singing Christmas songs, if they looked, and to you - this is to the good, they should definitely give denezhku.Novy Year is complete without the traditional exchange of gifts, though they are mandatory only for children. New Year's Eve dressed up under the Christmas tree leave a glass of house wine and a piece of vasilopitty (or socheva), pleased to treat Agios Vasilis family gave gifts and sent her family blagoslovenie.Pervogo January traditionally is going to cut the cake of semolina flour (vasilopittы), in which the hidden coin. so cut, to all members of the family went to equally, and one piece of carry to church for the poor. lucky, After securing a piece of cake with a coin, It must be accompanied by good luck for the next year. State output is the 6 th of January - Day of the Baptism of Christ (photo), a good day for the baptism of children. On this day, usually, go to visit and have fun, and the celebration is complete without songs and dance traditional Greek - Sirtaki.

Shortage of places already felt

Cyprus winter is traditionally popular during the Christmas holidays because of the comfortable Mediterranean climate, simplification of visa regime and briefly hop.

At the direction of the leading players, in particular, the tour operator "Biblio-Globus" Search flights on the peak period of up to 80%. According to the company, demand for tours in the direction of a little more than last year: observed dynamics 5-10%. Most often, tourists book their accommodation at resorts such as the Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

About stable demand for winter Cyprus report and other market participants. So, According to experts ICS Travel Group, well-booked hotels of category 4*-5* and 5* deluxe, where there are all conditions for comfortable rest in the winter season. About tom, Cyprus is one of the most popular European destinations in the New Year period, also reported in tour operator TUI Russia and "Mouzenidis Travel".

According to tour operators, Cyprus hotels for the Christmas and New Year holidays marked shortage of places in popular hotels. Rooms on separate dates at the end of December or beginning of January, already under inquiry, so with tour arrangements have to hurry up to the peak period.

According to TUI Russia, Tickets on sale for the scheduled flights of airlines "Ural Airlines", S7 and "Aeroflot" still remain.

Enthusiasm and surroundings

Winter and spring - the best time to visit the Akamas peninsula, which is close to Paphos. There are so many things, it is worth to plan a whole day. Detailed route and the program is in the article Paphos Landmarks, what to watch - the Akamas peninsula

Another article, which can be useful - What to See in Paphos, an overview of the most interesting places.

Least, worth a look at poluzatonuvshy ship Edro III - it looks luxurious in the last rays, and to go to Lara Beach, aka Turtle Beach.

Be sure to dine at one of the taverns in the village Laci on the Akamas Peninsula - many tavernas open all year round.

Christmas fun

In winter Cyprus has the most to excursions. At this time the almond bloom, parks resemble pale pink bouquets. In the New Year's holidays even walk in the streets will give a festive mood. All of them are decorated with lights and red bows. Everywhere you can find small red houses, selling sweets, work Christmas markets. These days on the streets here and there found dwarves, elves and other fairy-tale characters. The thirty-first of December and the first of January the Cypriot authorities arrange different views, musical show, Guests are treated to a holiday cake, handing out free drinks and sweets. Children receive gifts from Santa Claus.

Located in Paphos, you can visit the site, where according to legend,, He was born Aphrodite. In Limassol interesting winery, excursion in which introduces a local beverage manufacturing process. Here you can taste the wines and buy. here, in Limassol, before the main winter holidays decorate the Christmas village, which can be visited as a family. The Troodos mountains are churches, built during the Byzantine Empire.

New Year in Cyprus, video:

the, who enjoy outdoor activities, It is to go on a trip into the wild jeep, the water park, master the art of diving or fishing clams. You can arrange a walk through groves of citrus trees, buy a yacht cruise, ride a camel or a donkey. The Troodos Mountains in the midst of the ski season: prepared pistes, snowboarding or skiing. city ​​Kyrenia (it is located in the so-called Turkish Cyprus) generally referred to as a local Las Vegas for its active nightlife and holding various entertainment programs.

Russian Cultural Center invites everyone to the two concerts, dedicated to the celebration of the unique Russian holiday - the Old New Year!

If suddenly someone forgot, this is a unofficial holiday. Optional, but on an even more pleasant. On this day, you do not have to greet anyone, purchased gifts, Olivier has a meze or in quantities, life-threatening, toasts and drinking. AND, together with that, no you none of this does not prevent. the reason is!

I.e, old New Year – This is the same New Year's Eve, but the shadow, inconspicuous. Holiday for the lazy. Aborigines of him, largely, do not know. Old New Year - a holiday, which confuses many foreigners, when they first hear about it. So if you tell your neighbors Cypriots, what are you going to celebrate, the first reaction is surprise, and the second - respect for the people, which is almost as fond of the holidays, picnics and other fun, Cypriots themselves.

What exactly is celebrated?

Russia was one of the few countries, who refused to go to the Gregorian calendar 1582 year and continued to celebrate all their festivals, as before. Old New Year celebrated 14 January, because the difference between the two calendars in the XXI century is 13 days (by the way, because of this, there is another nuance of fun in Russia - 8 March is 23 February to the old style :=) ), so that the Old New Year - a real New Year, old style.

On the island comes the most "severe" time of the year – Winter in Cyprus. And if the island in the summer seems a paradise on earth, with the advent of cold weather, things are quite different.

the, who decided to emigrate to Cyprus winter or just spend a couple of months in order to "winter" should not only be reserved by patience, but also a good insulate, and better prepare to survive. And will have to survive, trust!:)

People, who lived most of his adult life, eg, in Russia and CIS countries, of course, accustomed, that in their apartments have central heating, from which they are always warm, cozy and comfortable.

Even in the most severe winter for large sub-zero temperatures, in an apartment you can safely walk almost naked. In Cyprus, there is no such freebie. Therefore, even if the warm winter Cyprus, when the thermometer shows at night just above zero should be clearly understood - in your apartment or house will be exactly the same.

By the way, if Cyprus does not heat the apartment, it looks like it's about, as the off-season in Russia. Imagine, cold autumn day, outside banging icy rain, you are wrapped in a warm blanket, drink a third cup of hot tea, to somehow keep warm. And the cold teeth chattering, cursing the public utilities, which does not include heating.

That's how we live. Cyprus is "happiness" lasts from December to March!

Competitions on skating

A modern indoor skating rink in Cyprus is in MY MALL mall. It takes more than 440 quarter. m. and is open every day from 11 am to 23-00 evening. Guests can rent skates and hockey gear. instructors, who are professional athletes, always ready to help visitors with tricks and movements. At the rink regularly hosts performances and competitions, and invited more experienced skaters. A large number of children of different ages participate in various tournaments, where the winner could be anyone, and get a good prize, which will remain a long memory as a reminder to visit the hospitable Cyprus.

Is it possible to have fun in Cyprus to celebrate the New Year?

Probably, many people know, that European countries Christmas is the most important holiday, and New Year celebrated not on such a scale, as in Russia. In most European countries celebrate Catholic Christmas, which accounted for 25 December. In Cyprus, the majority of Christian believers are not Catholics, and Orthodox, same, as in Russia. However, the Christmas party at all Cypriots still falls on 25 December. This happens due to the difference of chronology: Julian calendar adopted in Russia, and Cyprus - the so-called "novoyuliansky", which coincides with the Gregorian (they are Catholics) in the date of the celebration of Christmas.

Atmosphere of fun and celebration in cities, towns and villages of Cyprus can be felt as early as mid-November, when the streets of the city begin holiday preparations. Christmas Week officially begins 23 December, and Christmas Day - 25 December. Cypriots also celebrate the New Year - 1 January. costumes, masks, painted faces, fireworks, unique food and numerous dance - it's part of the Christmas tradition of Cyprus. Cyprus on New Year's holidays - a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable and fun.

New Year in Cyprus say quite fun, Unlike many countries in Europe. At any resort, you can find a restaurant, which offers a banquet. The hotel organizes a Christmas program, entertaining tourists. This is mainly because, what to 31 December Cyprus arrives a lot of tourists from Russia and CIS countries. Hospitable Cypriots try for tourists, although they still handed the gifts to their loved ones for Christmas.
hope, you will meet the local Santa Claus - Agios Vasilis (and if easier - Holy Basil, in Greece it was customary to honor the memory of Basil of Caesarea, who is the patron saint and savior of the poor, 1 January (14 January to the old style). And it can be found on the beach, that for the majority of Russians in itself surprising. Also be sure to try Vasilopita - traditional cake with manna from coin baked inside, prepared in honor of his grandfather Basil. Because, who gets the slice with the coin, will accompany financial success all year!

How to choose a resort in Cyprus on New Year's Eve 2020? Choose any! The weather will be approximately the same, many attractions everywhere, and even travel around the island to arrange tours or on your own is not too difficult. In the New Year holidays special demand Nicosia. In summer, many tourists choose other resorts, because the capital of Cyprus has no access to the sea. A winter swimming still canceled, but in and around Nicosia rich excursion program. In Limassol, a lot of Russian-speaking immigrants, so there are places, offering New Year's program in Russian. And let some hotels and restaurants are closed during the winter season, any resort will give tourists a lot of entertainment.


Tour operators have named the three most booked hotels in Cyprus on New Year's date and talked about the cost of tours in these hotels.

Biblio-Globus ":

Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol 5*. Tour with departure 29 on December 7 nights for two persons on the basis of cost of breakfast 158 800 p, on the basis of the breakfast / dinner - 203 758 p. and breakfast basis, lunch and dinner - 265 629 p. The hotel offers Christmas dinner: 150 euros for stays at BB and 106 euro – when staying on HB or FB. For children there is a discount 50%. The hotel has an animation, a kids' club and heated swimming pool with sea water.

Atlantica Miramare Beach 4*. Tour with departure 29 on December 7 nights for two (HB) It costs from 139 067 p. New Year's Eve dinner is included in the tour price. The hotel has a children's entertainment and a heated swimming pool.

Aquamare Beach Hotel & Spa 4*. Tour with departure 29 on December 7 nights for two persons on the basis of the power supply system "all inclusive" will start on 144 344 p. New Year's Eve dinner is included in the tour price. The hotel has a children's playroom and a heated swimming pool.

ICS Travel Group:

Four Seasons: week of rest (breakfast) from 71 000 p. per person based on double occupancy.

St Raphael Resort 5*:weekly holiday on the basis of cost of breakfast 50 000 p. based on double occupancy.

Mediterranean Beach 4*: from 46 000 p. ( 1/2 dbl , breakfast).

In all the hotel has an indoor heated swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, SPA-programs, animation.

"Mouzenidis Travel":

Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa 5* by Deluxe- 66 000 p. on 7 nights per person (breakfast) based on double occupancy. Children Park Park Kidz, SPA-center with thalassotherapy (heated pool). This is the only Cyprus heated swimming pool with sea water in the open air, playgrounds, holiday program.

Columbia Beach Resort 5*, Deluxe- from 53 000 p. on 7 nights per person based on double occupancy for breakfast. Kids Club Sailors Kids Club, SPA-center (there is a heated swimming pool), playgrounds, live music, folklore shows, holiday program.

Alexander The Great Beach Hotel 4* – from 64 000 p. per person for 7 nights double occupancy (breakfast and dinner). SPA-center (there is a heated swimming pool), playgrounds, daily daytime and evening entertainment programs for adults and children. One wing of the hotel with rooms for adults only, planned festive program.

practical recommendations

  1. In Larnaca there are excellent Greek garden «Mellissoules Larnaca», He scored dredged, 28. You can contact representative - Demitroy - by phone 96407325. Here is a unique home-like atmosphere with good food and excellent teaching the Greek language.
  2. Good English garden is also in Larnaca (4B Georgiou Gennadiou, Faneromeni, Larnaca 6031) - "Little accorns». Price, including food - 275 € per month. visit 7:00 to 18:00. There is a possibility to negotiate a discount. Moreover, you can see the «American Academy Larnaca» and «Med High English Private School».
  3. Excellent in Larnaca Armenian kindergarten school - Narek. Price - 80 € per month. Take free of charge here only Armenian children.
  4. Decent Russian kindergarten there in Limassol. It is called "The disciples of Pythagoras". His address: 6 Pafou st., 3051.

Council: to pull the child in English, you can first "sadishnye" years carried out in Russian institution, and the last "pre-school" year - in the English language.

The positive and negative characteristics of the hotel

«Capital coast resort & spa »operates now. Therefore, for those, who wants him to "dock", We give the pros and cons.

  1. "Pros": low cost, the presence of the heated pool, well-groomed and beautiful rooms.
  2. "Minuses": outdated spa-complex, lack equipped beach, dangerous sea area with large waves and strong currents, tasteless desserts.

Interesting! The hotel frequented by British, because these people are not particularly disposed to Water sports. Preference they give pools. If there is a passionate desire to soak up the sea, it is better to go to the "Coral Bay" - a great beach in Paphos.

Council! «Capital coast resort & spa »always provides a" last-minute "accommodation prices. Therefore, the need for exercise book 2-1,5 weeks before departure. beforehand (per month, eg) book a room does not make sense.

Summing up the issue of residence, let us say: If you want to see, experience and delve into the lives of Cyprus in the winter without any serious embezzlement, the purchase number in «Capital coast resort & spa »or similar to it.

Gala dinners and holiday dinners in Cyprus

To spend the Christmas and New Year's holidays in a pleasant and elegant and modern setting invite restaurants and hotels in Cyprus.

On Christmas and New Year's gala dinner in Limassol invites Caprice Restaurant Londa Hotel is 5*. On Christmas Eve, 24 December establishments await guests gala dinner 4 dishes and dinner a la carte - Christmas Eve 25 December.

31 December, the restaurant will be held on New Year's gala dinner 6 meals, a dance program will last until the early hours. 1 January Londa Hotel invites you to a dinner party (Buffet). For visitors to the hotel in the holidays the Christmas and New Year special offer from the hotel Londa 5*.

Celebrate the New Year in a circle of magicians, illusionists 31 December offers Mantra Terra restaurant in Limassol. Show program "Christmas magic" - a lot of fun on the copyright of Christmas dishes from chef Omar Stefano Kalchicha, River Prosesco and joy cheerful communication, live music, contests with prizes and a festive mood from the leading show of Santa Claus.

In Paphos, holiday dinners 26 December, 1 and 6 January inviting Clubhouse restaurant in Minthis Hills. Culinary Team promises to surprise you with a festive menu in a stylish atmosphere of the New Year.

A 24 of December and 7 January Clubhouse restaurant organizes a Christmas dinner with live music and traditional Christmas dishes.

celebration features

The islanders are open and friendly, any event is taking place in the country in a big way, and if one family. Tourists also take in the "related" terms. Preparation for the New Year the local population carries out long before the holiday. Already in the beginning of December, there are special holiday spirit. Officially, all activities are the twenty-third day of December. Since Christmas is celebrated on grand scale, New Year's meeting much more vacationers note here living Slavs.

Important winter event in the country feast of the Magi found, otherwise Baptism Epiphany – sixth of January. In the morning the ringing of bells begins service, then the congregation is lowered into the sea cross: so sanctified water. Ago, who dare to jump into the water behind him and return priest, according to legend, year-round will have good luck. Once released into the sky white doves. On all ships, standing at the shore, on the day of the Baptism of the music.

In Greek there are many traditions, which have been preserved since the days of paganism:

  1. In the New Year the locals don fancy dress, masks, paint the face, ustrayvayut carols, lead dances and sing songs around the Christmas tree;
  2. At midnight, all facing the street, dance, shout, launch into the sky countless fireworks;
  3. Every local resident is obliged to a festive night to dance Sirtaki.

On New Year's Eve in the squares are decorated spruce, pass plays on biblical subjects, Houses and streets are decorated with garlands of berries, tapes, olive sprigs and pomegranate, sparkling garlands.

On Christmas Cypriots necessarily go to church, then go to their homes, where they were waiting for a table. Traditionally served meze, preparing roast lamb, pork sausages, turkey, Caravatti, honey and pecan pie, cookies. On Christmas Eve bake sochivo - cake with dried fruit, nuts and caramel. A slice of cake and a mug of homemade wine put under the Christmas tree for Santa Claus (on his Cyprus called Holy Basil). But the main Christmas pudding - vasilopitta. This Russian manna, which is hidden from coin silver, to whom it will fall, be happy all year. One piece left vasilopitty, morning to bring them to the church and to give those in need. Tourists can enjoy all this in cafes and restaurants, which also serves Christmas meals. In tavernah pay for entrance, in sum includes not only the table rental, but drinks and appetizer (User single serving dish is enough for two or three people).

Club option

For lovers of fun noisy parties always open night clubs. Celebrate Christmas and celebrate the New Year in a fun company to your favorite music offer nightclubs in Cyprus.

Meet the Christmas night 24 December Limassol offer Salut Bar & Grill with the program Music for the Universe Story and the club with the music of the Berlin DJ Hito.

Christmas Party Back to the Future in the club Dolce and Strictly Old Skool in the dance bar 7 Seas are waiting for music lovers 25 December Limassol.

Original and dynamic show for two holiday parties, 25 and 26 December, at Ammos Beach Bar in Larnaca promising Greek artist Imam Baildi.

At a party New Year's Eve 31 December inviting piano bar 7 Seas and clubs VIP Room in Limassol and Larnaca ReBuke Lounge.

first party 2016 will be held 1 January Club Salut Bar & Grill (Limassol) to the music of DJ Manic Mike and Manolaco.

Celebrating Christmas and New Year meeting together, do not forget to take into account the wishes of each, then all will be only good memories.

Cyprus Inform congratulates you on the upcoming holidays and wishes a Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year!

Things to do in Cyprus in the New Year holidays?

Cyprus on New Year's Eve is an interesting program, not only on the night of 1 January. The next few days you can spend the holidays fun and educational.

    • Excursion program. Most museums, national parks, historical complexes working in the winter. true, schedule during this period is different from the summer. You can schedule a separate visit, or you can use ready-made packages from the travel agents and go on a guided tour.
    • Visiting temples and monasteries. Cyprus is very respectful of the faith, and even the most unprepossessing in appearance of the church there are valuable relics. Visit a temple or monastery will be interesting not only Orthodox believers. Typically, these sites are associated unique stories, which will be interesting to know on trips.

Salt lake in Larnaca with flamingos

Walking through nature reserves. Almost all of the national parks and reserves are less presentable winter. But there is one place, where it is necessary to go in this period - Salt Lake. Winter pink flamingos arrive here, as well as other aquatic inhabitants. Summer salt lake dries completely, leaving the surface only glittering salt crystals.

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