Leonardo da Vinci continues to amaze the world with his inventions

Interesting facts from the life of da Vinci

  • Played the lyre masterly.
  • He was the first to scientifically explain the blue sky.
  • Works equally well with both hands.
  • Most researchers tend to think, that da Vinci was a vegetarian.
  • Leonardo's diaries are written in mirror image.
  • He was fond of cooking. Created his signature dish "From Leonardo", which was highly appreciated on the court worlds.
  • In the computer game "Assassin's Creed 2" da Vinci is presented as a minor character, helping the protagonist with his inventions.
  • Despite a good education at home, Leonardo lacked knowledge of Latin and Greek.
  • For some suggestions, Leonardo loves carnal pleasures with men. He was once sued for harassing a posing boy. Nonetheless, da Vinci was acquitted.
  • Leonardo was the first to establish, that the light of the moon is the light of the sun, reflected from the earth.
  • Compiled a list of synonyms for the word "penis". Moreover, a very voluminous list.

Paintings of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

"The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

Painting by Leonardo da Vinci "The Last Supper" along with "Mona Lisa" is one of the most famous works of the great master. This huge fresco adorns the wall of the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria del Grazie in Milan. We have already written about her many times., eg, here.

"The Last Supper"

The traditional biblical plot of the last supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples is striking in the reliability of the images. It is known, that the Savior and Judas were the most difficult for the author. There is a legend, that these two characters were based on the image of the same person at different periods of his life.

Striking in the picture and deep perspective. Painting "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci became the first work in the history of painting, where perspective is so organically and clearly expressed, connecting space and drawing into a single whole.

Unfortunately, one gets the impression, that Leonardo himself did not really want, so that this masterpiece can be seen by his descendants. The painting technique led to, what even before its completion, the colors have already begun to decay. Until now, scientists and researchers are looking for a way to preserve the priceless canvas., but so far to no avail.

For the reason that, that da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper" is not in a satisfactory condition, visitor access to it is strictly limited. The refectory can simultaneously contain 25 man no more 15 minutes. therefore, if you plan to see a masterpiece of the master, take care of buying tickets in advance. About tom, how to do it Blogoitaliano wrote a separate article.

Da Vinci paintings at the Ambrosiana Pinacoteca

Pinacoteca Ambrosiana - Milan's second museum, where you can see the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.

"Portrait of a Musician"

The first of them is "Portrait of a Musician". Leonardo da Vinci began writing it in the early 90s. XV в., but never finished. The painting took on its final form and was slightly altered much later by the followers of the master..

For many years they believed, that the painting depicts Lodovico Sforza - Duke of Milan, groom Beatrice d'Este, but at the beginning of the twentieth century. when the top paint layer was partially removed and it was possible to make out the signatures on a sheet of paper of a young man.

These were the words and notes of "Angelic Song". The discovery made it possible to come to the conclusion, that the portrait shows a musician, most likely the head of the Milan Cathedral choir Franchino Gafuri. However, to date, the authenticity of this version has not been proven and reflections on the personality continue..

"Portrait of Beatrice d'Este"

The second painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the Ambrosian Pinakothek is "Portrait of Beatrice d'Este". Picture, as well as "Portrait of a Musician" was written at the same time and was not completed by da Vinci himself. The finishing touches belong to his student Giovanni Amborgio de Predis.

Beatrice d'Este is one of the most beautiful princesses of the Renaissance in Italy. She was personally acquainted with Leonardo da Vinci, and the master was even appointed the organizer of the wedding of Beatrice with the Duke of Milan Lodovico Sforza.

"Portrait of a Musician" and "Portrait of Beatrice d'Este" have long been considered paired and placed opposite each other.

Codex Atlantic by Leonardo da Vinci

The Ambrosinan Library is located next to the Pinakothek, where another treasure of da Vinci was preserved - the Atlantic Codex of Leonardo. 12 notebooks, 1119 sheets of priceless manuscripts with drawings, charts, drawings, sketches of famous paintings and frescoes, including those that have not survived to this day "Battle of Angyari" and "Leda and the Swan".

The Ambrosian Pinakothek and Library is not easy to visit. The excitement around the Atlantic Code does not subside to this day and at the ticket office of the museum you can find an impressive line. A great option is to prepare for the trip in advance and book tickets for visiting the Pinakothek online on the SelectItaly website.

As part of the excursion, you can see the master's brilliant creations, visit the refectory of the monastery with the painting "The Last Supper", visit the Ambrosiana library and the Sforzesco castle, and if you wish, visit the Museum of Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci. Learn more and sign up for an excursion here.

Where to buy tickets for the Last Supper

The Last Supper has always been in crazy demand in Milan, but when we first wrote this article , it was still a little easier with tickets. Now , reviewing available ways to get tickets, must admit, that things got even more complicated.

The limited number of tickets on sale has led to, that many operators shamelessly inflate prices. It often comes to that, what travelers are willing to shell out before $100 for a ticket, just to see the mural. Nonetheless, there are still several ways to get to the Last Supper for adequate money.

Way 1: Weekend in Italy

Website, where you can search for tickets, not overpaying for the excursion, – Weekend in Italy. Tickets can be found here quite often, because the site is the main supplier for many foreign agencies, but there are some peculiarities.

Tickets for the Last Supper are only available here as a set with another purchase. for instance, You can combine your visit to the Dinner with a ticket to the Brera Gallery, Atlantic Code Leonardo in the Ambrosian Library or take the Milano Card for 24 o'clock. If you choose only the Last Supper, then the system will simply not let you into the ticket purchase stage.

As these landmarks are among the most iconic in Milan, this is a great way to make an interesting plan for the whole day at once.

Important dates in the biography of da Vinci

  • 15 April 1452 years - born in Anchiano.
  • 1466 year - the beginning of work in the Verrocchio workshop.
  • 1472 year - becomes a member of the Florentine Guild of Artists. Begins work on the paintings "Annunciation", "Baptism of Christ", "Madonna with a Vase".
  • 1478 year - opening of own workshop.
  • 1482 year - moving to Milan to the court of Lodovico Sforza.
  • 1487 year - work on the winged machine – ornithopter.
  • 1490 year - creation of the famous drawing "Vitruvian Man".
  • 1495-1498 - creation of the fresco "The Last Supper".
  • 1499 year - departure from Milan.
  • 1502 year - service in Cesare Borgia.
  • 1503 year - arrival in Florence. The beginning of work on the painting "Mona Lisa". Completed in 1506 year.
  • 1506 year - service with the French king Louis XII.
  • 1512 year - "Self-portrait".
  • 1516 year - moving to Paris.
  • 2 May 1519 years - died at Clos-Luce castle in France.
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