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The principle of operation of the rotameter is based on measuring the height of the float rise, moving along a vertically installed tube under the action of the dynamic head of the gas flow, passing through the rotameter from bottom to top. The position of the float in the measuring tube is a measure of the flow rate when equilibrium is established between the force of gravity and the force of resistance to the moving stream.. The measurement and reading of the gas volumetric flow rate is carried out using a scale, applied to a glass cylinder. The rotameter has a built-in flow regulator and can be used for process control.

Top and bottom stops are provided to limit float travel.

The body is made of acrylic plastic, valve – brass, float – stainless steel, o-rings – from fluoroplastic. Connecting the variable area flowmeter to the gas supply line – threaded.

Table 1

Description of characteristics

Parameter value

Flow measurement range, m3 / h (l / min)

from 0,12 (2) to 1,8 (30)

Pipe connection type

1/2 thread″ and 3/4″

Limits of permissible reduced error, %


Variation of indications, %, no more


Maximum overpressure, MPa (have)

0,35 (3,5)

Operating conditions:

– ambient temperature, ° C

– relative humidity, no condensation, %

– Atmosphere pressure, kPa

from minus 15 to plus 60 from 20 to 95 from 84 to 106,7

Dimensions, mm, no more


Weight, kg, no more


Mean time between failures, no, no less

30 000

Average service life, years, no less


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