Weather in Sudak in September 2019 of the year

Weather in Crimea in September

In my opinion, the beginning of September is the best time to relax in Crimea. Most vacationers, students, the students have already gone home, more space on the beaches, and prices have dropped a little. At the same time, it's quite warm outside, but not so exhaustingly hot, summer. You can not only swim comfortably, but also go on excursions, go camping. An even fresh harvest of fruits will be a pleasant bonus.

Evpatoria beach in mid-September

On average, per month, the daytime air temperature on the peninsula is kept at around 21 degree above zero, at night around +13-15 degrees. It doesn't seem very warm.

Travel to Crimea in autumn - beach in Gurzuf

It is much more revealing to divide September into three decades and consider each in more detail in the western, south and east coast: in the most important cities of Evpatoria, Yalta and Feodosia.

In the first decade, it is still hot in summer everywhere: in Evpatoria during the day 23-30 degrees, at night 18-24 degrees, in Yalta in the afternoon 24-28 degrees, at night 20-24 degrees, in Feodosia about the same.

Beach in Simeiz

The mountains are still green

Water temperature in Crimea in early September +22-25 degrees, which is quite comfortable for swimming. Shallow water warms up especially well, although if the storm passes, then the water will become cooler.

Rainfall is low: average 30-40 mm per month.

In the second decade, the air temperature begins to drop slightly: in Evpatoria during the day +21+27, at night +13+20, in Yalta in the afternoon +20+25, at night + 14 + 20, in Feodosia during the day +20+25, at night + 13 + 19 degrees.

Yalta water temperature, Evpatoria and Feodosia in the second decade of September around +19+21 degrees. The beaches are starting to empty, even on the south coast you can see such a picture:

Beach in Foros

It gets noticeably colder in the third decade, in the afternoon the air can still warm up to +15+20, but at night all +11+16 degrees. The water is very cool - about +15+18 degrees.

Yalta embankment in a storm

Waves crash on the shore, Alushta embankment

Forecast weather in Crimea for September 2019 from the Hydrometeorological Center

Autumn always comes to the Crimean peninsula later, than in most regions of Russia, therefore, the forecast weather in Crimea for September 2019 from the Hydrometeorological Center will delight all people, who are planning a vacation in early autumn. Daytime air temperature at seaside resorts will not be lower than +22…24FROM, and even at night the thermometer marks will not fall below + 17C. And only at the end of September autumn in Crimea will begin to regain ground from summer, and the days and nights will get a little cooler.
In the Crimean mountains in September the weather is expected to be the best for excursions and tourism. The sweltering heat will be gone, but even in the mountainous regions of the peninsula one should not be afraid of a cold snap. According to the forecast from the Hydrometeorological Center, in the mountains during daylight hours the temperature will stay within + 17C…+21FROM.

Long-term forecast from the Hydrometeorological Center for September 2019 for popular resorts of Crimea

About tom, what will be the weather at the most visited resorts of Crimea in September 2019, can be found in the table with averaged data for the main weather characteristics. According to this table, compiled by the forecasters of the Hydrometeorological Center, easy to identify, which resort in Crimea will be the warmest, and which one is expected to receive the most precipitation.

Resort Day air temperature / at night cloudiness Rainy days and rainfall Sea water temperature
Alupka 20.7°C 16.1°C 18.4% 2 day (37.1mm) 22.5°C
Alushta 23.3°C 15.2°C 15.6% 1 day (25.0mm) 22.6°C
Bakhchisaray 23.7°C 15.0°C 16.6% 1 day (23.4mm) 22.3°C
Gursuf 23.3°C 15.2°C 15.7% 2 day (33.7mm) 22.6°C
Dzhankoy 23.9°C 17.0°C 17.9% 1 day (14.6mm) 21.3°C
Yevpatoriya 24.4°C 18.1°C 17.2% 2 day (28.5mm) 22.2°C
Kazantip 23.1°C 20.2°C 17.2% 2 day (29.0mm) 21.9°C
Kerch 23.2°C 20.2°C 17.0% 2 day (27.4mm) 22.1°C
Koktebel 23.2°C 17.7°C 17.9% 1 day (18.4mm) 22.6°C
Massandra 20.6°C 16.0°C 18.3% 2 day (31.1mm) 22.6°C
New World 23.2°C 16.7°C 15.4% 1 day (15.9mm) 22.6°C
Saki 24.5°C 18.1°C 16.9% 1 day (23.5mm) 22.2°C
Sevastopol 24.0°C 18.7°C 14.4% 1 day (20.5mm) 22.5°C
Simeiz 20.7°C 16.1°C 18.1% 2 day (42.2mm) 22.5°C
Zander 23.3°C 16.8°C 15.5% 1 day (20.8mm) 22.6°C
Theodosius 23.3°C 17.7°C 17.9% 22.4°C
Fiolent 23.6°C 19.3°C 15.3% 1 day (26.0mm) 22.5°C
Yalta 20.6°C 16.1°C 18.1% 2 day (35.7mm) 22.6°C

Events in Crimea in October

October on the peninsula offers tourists original activities, that everyone will like. Here you can enjoy unique events, creating a magical atmosphere. One of the most colorful events is the amazing Chrysanthemum Ball in Nikitsky Botanical Garden (the end of the month). You will be able to see with your own eyes flowering plants of different varieties and take great photos.

Also in October 2018 Crimea will host an exciting Coffee Festival in Simferopol (30-31-it numbers).

Moreover, October provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy gastronomic tourism. Crimean Tatar cuisine is worth trying on the peninsula, local seafood dishes, Crimean wines, cognacs, tinctures, seasonal fruits. In Crimea, in October, delicious fruits ripen as usual, and more exotic. During this period, you can try pomegranate, quince, mushmulu, kizil, persimmon, Kiwi, zizifus, feijoa.

Weather in the Center and in the North of the Peninsula

The arid dry steppe and foothill climate of the northern and central part of the Crimean peninsula creates excellent conditions for excursion and wellness tours in beautiful spaces.

Warm air masses from the south penetrate relatively unhindered through the low Crimean mountains. Practically no rain, moderate or weak wind, average daily temperature values ​​range from + 14 ... + 16 ° C, night - + 9 ... + 11 ° C.

Autumn is just beginning in Simferopol at this time. Long and warm, it lasts until the New Year. Cases recorded, when the weather is at the end of October in Crimea, in its center, was amazing: the air warmed up to the maximum +21 °C.

Going on vacation in Crimea in October, don't forget, it's already off-season. Nature often surprises with its surprises, Consequently, a warm sunny day can be replaced by unexpected gusts of wind or a short downpour. It's no longer worth betting exclusively on a beach holiday, but to take waterproof windbreakers and sweaters with you will not be superfluous!

October in Eastern Crimea

The coast of the Kerch Strait is influenced by a temperate continental climate. The confluence of two seas - the warmer Azov and the saltier Black - and the proximity of the Caucasus form the peculiarities of the weather in Crimea. There are a little less in October, than in the West, sunny days. But still 20 clear days for a month for autumn is not bad at all.

Partly cloudy in early October, many even manage to swim. The record temperature mark of the water at this time was recorded at the level +23 °C. Closer to November, the sea breeze increases, water cools down on average to +15 ° C and is no longer suitable for bathing and taking water procedures.

The air temperature is compared to the sea, and sometimes it drops even lower - up to + 12 ... 13 ° C, what, however, does not prevent tourists from joining the cultural life of Kerch and Shchelkino, going on educational excursions, not so dependent, what is the weather in October in Crimea. There are really many interesting places in its eastern part..

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What activities can the October Crimea offer?

The peninsula in October becomes a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. During this period, outdoor recreation is especially popular.. Tourists can go on various hiking or cycling tours, horse rides. Mountain routes are chosen in October, which allow you to admire the exquisite beauty of autumn nature. Also among the excursions in Crimea in October, excursions to the wineries of the peninsula are especially popular, to Kara-Dag, to mountain peaks by cable cars.

The middle of the season is ideal for trips to various cities of Crimea. Guests of the peninsula should visit the magnificent Sevastopol, which offers a lot of interesting sights. Here you can see the Malakhov Kurgan, Submarine Museum, Chersonesos Tauride, fortress Kalamita, Tower of Winds

It is also worth paying attention to Alushta, especially the waterfall Jur-Jur, fortress Aluston. Visit the unique Bakhchisarai and enjoy its Bakla cave city, Assumption cave monastery, the mausoleum of Eski-Durbe

You can go to Simferopol, Kerch, Koktebel, visit the southern coast of Crimea.

You can visit everything from the sights in Crimea in October, whatever your heart desires. At this time, almost all museums are still working and popular places are available. Vacationers can visit the peninsula's luxurious palaces and elegant castles, amazing parks and gardens, nature reserves, natural attractions. Rest in Crimea in October with a child will also be very exciting. Children will love excursions and walks in new places. The whole family can visit an interesting crocodilarium, zoo "Fairy Tale", Dolphinariums "Aquarelle" and "Nemo", park "Crimea in miniature", animal theater "Aquatoria", Viking cinema park.

Spend october 2018 in Crimea: features of weather conditions

At the beginning of October, Crimea has a wonderful velvet season. She lets you enjoy the soft sun, still warm sea and its refreshing breeze. At the beginning of the month you can swim and sunbathe, beach holidays are still fully available. Closer to mid-October it gets cooler and sea bathing is not suitable for everyone. The end of the month almost completely closes the beach season and swimming is suitable only for prepared people.

October weather will be slightly different in different parts of the peninsula, but insignificantly. The southern coast of Crimea in October remains the warmest and friendliest. Here the air temperature during the daytime ranges from + 17 ° C to + 20 ° C. The nights are already cool, the temperature can drop to + 11-13 ° C. Evening walks in October will be pleasant and refreshing, for more comfort, you should take care of warm shoes and a jacket. Swimming in the sea is still acceptable, and guests of the peninsula enjoy a beach holiday, water temperature - 20 ° C.

The weather in the West Bank will also delight you with sunny days and comfortable temperatures. Air temperature in October - from + 16 ° C to + 18 ° C. It gets cooler at night, because it drops to + 10-12 ° C. The water in this area also allows swimming and water sports.. The water temperature here is about 18-19 ° C.

Eastern Crimea in October will delight tourists with relatively dry and pleasant weather. The air temperature reaches + 15-17 ° C. She is comfortable for walking, but not for a beach holiday. Water temperature - 16 ° C, which is no longer suitable for swimming.

In the north and in the center of the peninsula, almost windless October with a minimum of precipitation awaits guests. Daytime temperatures here average between + 14 ° C and + 16 ° C. At night it can drop to + 9-11C °. water, since the middle of the month, no longer conducive to swimming. It cools down to + 14-15 ° C. Generally, the peninsula in October is quite friendly and affectionate. Little rain, and they are not lingering, which will allow you to calmly walk and attend exciting excursions.

Western coast of Crimea: water and air temperature

A fertile time is approaching on the western coast of Crimea. The weather here in September is deteriorating extremely slowly. Even by the end of the month, the average daily temperature will be approximately +24 °C. Excellent Crimean nights will not lose their charm - the thermometer at this time of day usually does not drop below +17 °C, which is enough for memorable walks.

The sea in September is great, you can swim almost until his last days - the water is in no hurry to cool. Her temperature won't go below +22 °C, so the beaches of Evpatoria will begin to empty only by the beginning of October. For guests of the peninsula, undergoing rehabilitation after illness, nature will create ideal conditions - numerous sanatoriums await them.

August is considered the driest in these places., hence, precipitation will increase compared to the last summer month. But there will still be much less short-term warm rains., than in June. Kurortnikov will be pleased with the sun - there will be no less clear days 20. Strong squally winds and waves on the September sea coast should not be expected either..

Temperature of water and air in Crimea in September

Many people think, that autumn brings cold air to the peninsula, and the swimming season closes in the first days of the month. But that's not true at all. In fact, September is the real velvet season.. The air temperature becomes noticeably lower and no longer exceeds +30 degrees on the sunniest days. Being in an open area is becoming more comfortable every day. But night temperatures are already noticeably different from those of August.. The thermometer can show +15 +13, therefore, we recommend bringing along a couple of warm clothes for evening walks along the embankment. No more air conditioning for restful, deep sleep, an open window will help cool the room at night. In addition, the pleasant sea breeze and the healing air of the Crimea have a great effect on the health of vacationers..

Warmest in Sevastopol, Zaozerny and Evpatoria. But in Yalta, Massandra and Alupka the temperature on 2-3 degrees below the average for the peninsula.

September can have some really cold days with strong gusty winds and even storm warnings. This weather usually occurs between 5 by 10 September. After that comes the same "velvet season".

The warm and calm sea has warmed up well over the summer and cools very slowly, therefore, the water temperature at the beginning of the month will be kept at around +23+25, and by the end it will drop to +21+22 degrees. Visibility in the water is close to zero in the first week of September, as the waves lift sand and small stones from the bottom. But closer to the middle and end of the month, you can go diving.


If you are looking for an answer to a question: “Where is it warmer in Crimea in September?” – be sure to pay attention to this resort. I must admit, he is not popular, surely many have never thought about visiting him

Travelers highly recommend this place for those, who wants to take care of their health, after all, the resort has enough health centers and sanatoriums of various types, and this is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

And that, in Kerch, the temperature of the Black Sea rises to 21 degrees. So this resort, even at the end of September, will allow you to fully enjoy water procedures..

Treatment in September

The healing air of Crimea has a healing effect, like hundreds of years ago, at the same time, modern sanatoriums are already different from those, what were during the Soviet Union. In modern Crimea, sanatoriums combine medical and prophylactic procedures and hotels with high quality service: own medical base, modern innovative equipment, own pools, speleotherapy, saunas and baths, own beaches, parks and gardens on site. Medical reviews indicate, that September is the most favorable month for recreation on the Crimean peninsula.

There are a huge number of sanatoriums on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, where to relax in September 2020 of the year, namely 150 medical sanatoriums, near 230 wellness, of them 92 for kids:

  • Sanatorium "Aivazovskoe" located in Partenit, intended for the treatment of the circulatory system.
  • People come to the sanatorium "Ai-Danil" in Gurzuf to treat diseases associated with the respiratory system, cardiovascular and nervous disorders.
  • Sanatorium "Gorny" located in Livadia is aimed at treating diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems.
  • The sanatorium named after. Burdenko in Saki - they literally put people on their feet. The sanatorium treats the consequences of spinal injuries, help with disruption of the musculoskeletal system. Also in this place female and male infertility is treated, diseases of the genitourinary system and various skin diseases.

Holidays and festivals

Rest in Crimea in September is unthinkable without entertainment and cultural programs. Despite the end of the summer holiday season, festivals continue in Crimea, but naturally, that their number is decreasing. In September 2020 year you can visit the following Crimean festivals:

  • Yalta Film Festival "Eurasian Bridge", where will foreign representatives come.
  • Crimean military-historical festival on Fedyukhin's heights in Sevastopol. At this event, you can see the reconstruction of the famous battles during the war., sites will be built, dedicated to certain historical eras, if desired, people take part in master classes on the development of antique crafts.
  • Another art festival "Taste of Crimea" will also be held in Sevastopol. There will be a lot of delicious food and music at the festival. It will be possible to taste culinary delights from the chefs and taste the best wines from the Inkerman factory.

Crimean fruits by season

In September, harvest time comes in Crimea, and you can enjoy fruit. For example, you can try quince, grown in Crimea, such as she grows only there.

Delicious grapes ripen during this period, from which famous Crimean wines are made. You can also buy pears, figs and apples.

Crimean watermelons and melons are sold everywhere in September. Already at the end of September, the first persimmons are being sold at vegetable markets.

Prices for an autumn vacation in Crimea

There are still a lot of tourists at the beginning of September, but in the second half of the month Crimea gradually empties, and the owners of hotels and recreation centers do not want to lose customers, therefore significantly reduce housing prices.

A few practical tips for a vacationer, how to organize a vacation in Crimea in September

If in September 2020 you are planning to travel to Crimea with children in September, but do not know, which beaches are suitable for families with children, try to choose resorts with sandy beaches or small pebbles, to keep the sea clean and not deep. The most suitable option is the area from Alushta to Kerch, as well as the area of ​​Evpatoria. Don't forget to bring your cool things and a rain umbrella. Despite sunny weather, Crimean climate in September is rainy enough, although they are not long lasting.

If you like hiking, I like to spend time alone with nature, looking for active and budgetary holiday options, avoid crowded beaches - feel free to pack your bags and go on vacation to Crimea in September. You will be able to appreciate the unique beauty of the peninsula, which is poorly seen in hot summer. In Crimea, you can find entertainment not only in summer, but all year round!

Finally, read the topic, what Crimea offers to travelers in September.

About the sea

Crimea attracts with its pristine beauty, incredible landscapes, abundance of greenery. But surely many have not heard anything about, what sea in Crimea. In September, it acquires a rich and deep turquoise hue., becomes less affectionate

Tourists and vacationers focus on the fact, that it is in the autumn in the Crimea that the sea is wavy, stormy, which gives it a special beauty. Even if you don't bathe, you will definitely admire the sea water

There is one more feature, which should be mentioned. August and September are considered the months of the real jellyfish invasion, and all because, that at this time the sea acquires an optimal temperature. I must admit, that some of them can be dangerous. If you are afraid of the Black Sea jellyfish in Crimea in September, choose the second half of the month for your trip, when the water gets cooler.

Summing up

We figured it out, what sea in September in Crimea. You can really have a good rest in September: fewer tourists, the air temperature is reduced to the most comfortable level, at the same time it is still quite warm and dry. In order to verify this, you need to plan your trip for autumn at least once. So where is it warmer in Crimea in September? Where to go for modern tourists?

If you are planning a trip with children, expect to spend most of your time on the beach, give your preference to Feodosia and Kerch, after all, it is here that the warmest and most gentle sea in September in Crimea. In September, you can do a rich excursion program: go to the mountains, visit all outstanding sights, and also improve your health in a boarding house or sanatorium.

If you are not afraid of the orderly refreshed sea, you can choose any resort, eg, modern and incredibly beautiful Sudak or Sevastopol. In any case, we wish you a pleasant and most comfortable stay at sea.

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