Slavutich health resort russian sanatorium, alushta, Crimea


Sanatorium "Slavutich" in Alushta (Crimea) offers a full range of medical and diagnostic services. Here you can not only recuperate after prolonged hospital treatment, but also to prevent the development of severe ailments. Modern medical techniques combined with high professionalism of the staff give really good results. It is also impossible not to take into account the presence of mineral waters in Alushta., curative mud and healthy sea air.

Patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system often come to the sanatorium "Slavutich" in Alushta (photos of the health resort are presented in the article). And the results are inspiring. Highly qualified specialists manage to put patients on their feet after complex injuries. People with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract also come to the health resort, of cardio-vascular system, respiratory organs. Spa treatment is also indicated for children who are often ill., themes, who experience ARI symptoms more than 5 once a year.

On the territory of the health resort, the reception is conducted by narrow specialists: therapist, lore, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, orthopedist, pediatrician, etc.. d. In their work, specialists use the following techniques: aromatherapy, mud therapy, massotherapy. There is a modern gym on the territory of the health resort, where you can undergo rehabilitation after complex diseases.

Conference service

Alushta is perfect for holding various corporate events. Sanatorium "Slavutich", reviews about which you can hear mostly positive, offers excellent conference facilities. The health resort has several advantages. First of all, this is a good location. The sanatorium is located in the very center of the resort town. Conference participants can easily find a place, where is the event. A shuttle service can be arranged at an additional cost.

Companies, planning conferences, complex technical support is offered. These are projectors, equipment for internet access, large screens. Additionally, the participants of the event can have an excursion around Alushta.

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